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The k-Eco range are products we recommend as offering sustainable values.

These are products that may have achieved official ecolabel status in terms of the whole product life cycle. Alternatively, they may not carry an official or manufacturer ecolabel, but we believe they offer significant sustainability in use values eg, dispensing systems that control and measure consumption to one dose or sheet, reducing usage and waste by up to 50%.

This list will change as we continue to increase our sustainable k-Eco range.

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    “Ecolabel products really are kinder to the environment...”


    Ecolabels are awarded to products that have met specific environmental standards throughout their life cycle, from raw material extraction, production, distribution, use, disposal and recycling. This includes a strong focus on promoting the circular economy, encouraging less waste and CO2 during the manufacturing process and encouraging products that are durable and easy to repair. The EU Ecolabel and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel are managed by Governing bodies and recognised throughout Europe and beyond.

    Knighton has a target to increase ecolabel products by 10% year on year. Look out for these symbols.


      Other labels

      Other Labels

      There are other ‘unofficial’ green labels and, although they don’t conform to a regulation, they do still have sustainable values.

      Paper products that show the FSC label on their packaging have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, meeting their ‘gold standard’ for ethical production.

        ISO 14001

        ISO 14001

        We are ISO 14001 certified with attainable and measurable targets to improve each criteria year on year.

        Waste: two thirds of our waste is sent for recycling and we re-use cardboard where possible. Paper, batteries, ink cartridges, cans and plastic enter the recycling chain.

        Packaging: we activity look to reduce packaging eg: compressing the air out of paper products so we can use smaller boxes and choosing products that aren't individually wrapped in plastic. Our own brand cleaning products use packaging that contains post-consumer recycled plastic.

        Energy: we use LED lighting throughout the offices and warehouse and four out of our nine fleet vehicles are electric or hybrid, which we aim to increase.


          Measured Dispensing

          Measured dispensing

          Measured dispensing is at the heart of Knighton Janitorial. By using dispensing systems that control and measure product consumption to ‘one’ dose or sheet, we can all minimise waste and contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment.

          Some of the many ways measured dispensing can help:

          • Controlled paper consumption reduces waste and cross contamination.
          • Cartridge refill dispensing systems reduce plastic going to landfill.
          • Chemical dispensing systems provide accurate and safe dosing with minimal waste - up to 98% saving in plastic waste can be achieved!
          • Refillable spray bottles reduce single use plastic going to landfill.
          • Less product used equals less deliveries, less packaging and lower transport costs.


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